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Blending SEO, Content Marketing and PR to achieve national coverage and over 1.1million views.

QuoteSearcher sought to bolster their existing online marketing campaign by implementing a cutting edge Digital PR strategy, gaining national coverage in varying press outlets as well as high-quality links to their website.

The Brief

Last year, insurance lead generation specialist QuoteSearcher initiated a new digital marketing campaign to cater to the ever-changing demands of both users and the search marketing landscape. By blending traditional PR, SEO and Content Marketing, the company utilised a new service coined “Digital PR”.

The Goals

QuoteSearcher required a bespoke Digital PR campaign that would not only gain coverage in high-end national and international publications but also improve brand awareness and have a positive impact on their overall SEO campaign.

Even though the company has utilised digital marketing strategies in one form or another since its inception, QuoteSearcher was excited to embark on a new strategy for their SEO campaign which would bring them naturally earned links as well as place them as an authority on SMEs and how political events would affect their businesses.

The main objective for the campaign was to gain press coverage for QuoteSearcher in national and niche insurance news outlets as well as naturally earn links and traffic to the QuoteSearcher website.

Our Approach

During the initial research phase our team investigated numerous target demographics and industry sectors that are relevant to QuoteSearcher and would respond positively to their campaign. After much deliberation and analysis, the decision was made to focus on SMEs, not only because they are one of QuoteSearcher’s main audiences but also because QuoteSearcher is an SME itself.

Once we chose the audience, we investigated political events that are applicable to SMEs and could potentially affect their businesses now and/or in the future.  The EU Referendum (or “Brexit”) and how it could affect SMEs was a topic that had featured numerous times in leading publications and would likely be discussed in further detail over the coming months until the public vote on the matter.

With all this information we came up with our campaign’s main proposition:

“What are SME decision makers’ opinions on the EU Referendum and how could it affect their businesses?”


We decided to call upon YouGov, an international, full-service market research specialist to retrieve exclusive data on the subject. After explaining our aims and the context of our research, we were able to work together to create 5 questions and subsequent datasets which would feed into our campaign.

Once we had this information we designed a creative piece that would accurately package our data in a way that would appeal to both journalists and SMEs alike.  To achieve this, we created a dedicated landing page on the QuoteSearcher domain (yet separate from the main website) which included:

  • A bespoke, fully-interactive online graph allowing multiple datasets to be cross-referenced at once.
  • Headlines from our research with follow up information for quick and easy insights into our campaign.
  • Graphs and imagery to illustrate our data and findings in a visual format.
Quotsearcher images

In addition to this, we decided to back up our research by contacting a figure of authority within the industry to comment on and explain the results. We were delighted to work with Professor Simon Down (Deputy Dean for Research and Enterprise at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University), who provided an exclusive interview, ultimately amplifying the interpretation of the data and providing a background to the story.

Once our relevant and newsworthy content had been created (accompanied by hard-hitting analysis from an authoritative figure), we could start on the final stage of our campaign: outreach.

The outreach process took place over several months as we constantly adapted our campaign to the rhythm and requirements of news outlets. Overall, the piece was well received with most journalists commenting on the high quality of what had been produced.

The Results

So far, QuoteSearcher’s campaign has gained coverage in numerous national and international newspapers, both print and online, including:

From this coverage, the total digital reach was over 200k whilst the estimated offline reach was over 1.1 million. To date, the QuoteSearcher website has also gained 8 high authority links.

In summary, the campaign increased awareness of the QuoteSearcher brand amongst target demographics via news coverage and provided multiple SEO benefits including increased Domain Authority and natural links from quality sites.

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I’m both delighted and impressed by the results provided in the first of what will be many Digital PR campaigns undertaken by Gravytrain. I would without hesitation recommend Gravytrain’s services, particularly for those looking for Digital PR campaigns that combine seamlessly with on-going SEO and Content Marketing strategies.

Ben Moore Ben Moore – General Manager, QuoteSearcher

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