Boosted Visibility on Google with Technical SEO

Seventy Three wanted to boost their visibility on Google by increasing the number of keywords they ranked for as well as pushing existing keywords to rank in positions 1-5.

The Client

Seventy Three is an official retail partner for Timberland and The North Face and have been delivering an extensive line of casual and performance footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories since 2010 when they launched with their very first store in Bath. They are passionate about the great outdoors and therefore we want to provide their customers with the ultimate choice in outdoor clothing.

The Challenge

Seventy Three’s conversions are measured as product sales and they wanted to increase this by boosting their online visibility through search engine rankings. This meant pushing more ranking keywords into positions 1-5 on Google.

The plan was to increase keyword rankings to the following effect:

  • 49 keywords ranking between position 1-5
  • 94 keywords ranking on page
  • 480 keywords ranking in total

Our Solution

Our SEO strategy included an in-depth technical audit and optimisation to increase the visibility of the site and utilise the crawl budget. We also conducted detailed keyword research to target keywords with higher conversion potential.

With analysis from our custom-built DataStudio dashboard, we were able to understand the opportunities for optimisation and therefore make further recommendations.

They didn’t have a specific timeline set out in which to complete these changes, so we suggested this be a long-term strategy which would continue to evolve over time.

Their Results

The year-on-year ranking statistics show:

  • 97 keywords ranking in position 1-5
  • 82 more keyword ranking page 1
  • 2159 keywords ranking in total
  • 56% increase in organic traffic
  • 75% increase in organic revenue