45.9% Faster Loading with Performance Optimisation

With Performance Optimisation from Gravytrain, Monkfield Nutrition saw huge increases in page load speed, plus more time spent on page; learn how we helped them achieve this

Monkfield Nutrition is a leading supplier of livefood, reptiles and reptile products. They are passionate about providing reptiles with high quality food and care a great deal about promoting healthy living for exotic pets.

Monkfield Nutrition continually update and expand their product range and have seen large scale growth due to support from Gravytrain. With more B2B customers using tablets and mobiles to place orders, we made the suggestion that their hosting capabilities were insufficient for continued growth, and worked with them to find a solution.

Their Challenge

Gravytrain had been working on large frontend projects for Monkfield Nutrition, with no immediate need to move. However, their existing server was beginning to show signs of strain under the pressure of an enlarged customer base.

With the number of integrations they had as a B2B website – including separate CRM, stock, and pricing integrations, as well as the common tracking and monitoring integrations – it was integral that movement to Gravytrain hosting would not cause downtime and remain a smooth process for their customers.

Our Approach

Gravytrain approached this project with intense preparation. We spent two weeks working through the process to ensure a smooth migration. We coordinated with all parties to do an emergency migration three days before the scheduled migration date as Monkfield Nutrition noticed they were losing customers.

Using a core team of four of Gravytrain’s web development team, Monkfield Nutrition were able to migrate to new hosting with just 25 minutes of downtime. It was after this that we continued testing and applying some additional integration fixes.

Their Results

Monkfield Nutrition saw a huge 45.9% faster page loading time and a 7.4% reduction in bounce rate from our bespoke Magento Performance Optimisation service.

In terms of customer interaction, page views increased by 25.9% and customer spent 14.3% more time on pages.

Working with Gravytrain was hugely beneficial in a technical sense as well as providing a better customer experience, evident in the increased page views and time on page. This allowed them to provide their B2B customers with a higher level of service, minimal downtime and disruption.

  • Page Load Speed

  • Bounce Rate Reduction

  • Page Views Increase

  • Time on Page Increase