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Improve their overall SEO content strategy for their UK site in just 6 weeks by creating optimised content for sixty of their product pages and their homepage.

Pixartprinting is an online printing specialist founded in Italy whose popularity has grown across Europe over the past few years.  The company currently provides customisable stationery and printing solutions to over 80,000 customers per month and offers a wide range of products including small format stationery, banners and exhibition displays.

The Brief

Pixartprinting asked Gravytrain to improve their overall SEO content strategy for their UK site in just 6 weeks by creating optimised content for sixty of their product pages and their homepage.  We performed keyword research on all products, used this information while creating content and provided them this research for future reference and targets.

The Goals

Pixartprinting only recently created their UK website with most of its content translated directly from the Italian version.  This meant that at times the content seemed disjointed or contained words that are not common in the English language.

Our goal was to create sixty-one pieces of optimised content in six weeks using information provided by keyword research.  Each piece was to be between 300-400 words long and include information such as meta-tags, meta-descriptions and H1 and H2 tags.  It was key that the content was technical and had a professional tone of voice, therefore Gravytrain carried out internal product and industry training and research.

Our Approach

As our client is based in Italy we had to arrange conference calls at mutally beneficial times.  To make the most out of these calls we liaised with one of our SEO Strategists who previously worked with a number of international clients.  He advised on best practices when working with a client based in Italy and also acted as a translator during conference calls as he speaks multiple languages.

To ensure that our content was of the highest quality we created a team with each member being attributed a specific role including keyword research, content creation, proof-reading and client relations.  Having a number of people work on this project ensured that all aspects of the content was optimised to the highest degree and accommodated Pixartprinting’s requirements.


As soon as we had agreed to take on the project one of the first things the team agreed upon was to look at the current content on the site as little as possible.  This was to ensure that our content was fresh, innovative and in no way relied on previous information.

Due to this decision our content writer had to research each product individually in order to find out their main attributes and uses.  In doing so we feel that our content is useful, engaging and includes technical information that is of benefit to users – all aspects that Google ranks highly.

During the keyword research stage we found that a number of the keywords that the client provided had very low local searches as they had been translated literally from Italian to English.  We then decided to alter the keyword research so that it would be more UK focused, improving the usability of Pixartprinting’s site and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

The Results

  • This was a one off project where in just six weeks we provided our client with keyword research and SEO Content for 61 products, each in the preferred tone of voice, style and around 300-400 words per product.
  • During the creation of content our team made recommendations on how the website could be improved from a usability point of view on top of the content that we had provided.
  • Gravytrain also suggested further pages or terms to target that were relevant to the UK market and could improve the Pixartprinting site in the future.
  • The client was very happy  with the SEO project; deadlines were met, the correct tone of voice and professional language was used, and overall Gravytrain provided a service above the set requirements and expectations.

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