Highly Targeted Lead Generation with PPC

Captivating content and social media adverts helped itelligence achieve significant growth in monthly leads, whilst reducing CPA by 42%

Our Client

itelligence is an award-winning SAP Platinum Partner, providing a full service of SAP solutions, both cloud-based and on premise, for a range of businesses. They pride themselves on their broad range of capabilities – whether this be consulting, maintenance or managed services – in order to better equip business for growth and success in the future.

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Our Challenge

We were tasked to generate highly targeted leads from users who had previously shown an interest in itelligence’s industry and/or services.

This challenge was threefold, focusing on itelligence US, itelligence Netherlands, as well as a specific industry demographic. This challenge included 3 sets of campaigns, using LinkedIn and Facebook’s paid social media advertising platforms:

  • A campaign to generate completions of Finance and HR Surveys using LinkedIn and Facebook
  • A campaign to generate leads using LinkedIn and Facebook for:
    • Business Planning and Consolidation
    • SAP Hybris
    • Industry Connected
    • Industry CPG campaigns
  • A one-off campaign to generate targeted leads within the chemicals industry using LinkedIn

Our Approach

By utilising itelligence’s existing industry content we were able to produce relevant and captivating content posts. We promoted these posts through LinkedIn, targeting specific job roles within itelligence’s target companies. We chose to raise awareness via widespread Display campaigns, collecting data from click-throughs, as well as creating and promoting gated content.


We used LinkedIn’s new Lead Gen Forms to ensure we were capturing user details, which also ensured that only those truly interested in the content fill it in. We used Sponsored Content on LinkedIn and Facebook to promote two surveys – one aimed at HR teams and the other at Finance customers.

Lead Generation:

We utilised LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content alongside lead gen ad formats for these campaigns. We continuously optimised these ads and saw consistent results both in terms of month-on-month improvements and a decreasing cost-per-lead.

Industry-Specific Campaign:

This campaign was intended to target a specific audience within the chemicals industry. Initially, we utilised LinkedIn’s Audience Expansion tool to pull in similar users based on targeted criteria we had set. However, this watered down our targeting too much and brought in some irrelevant leads. We then altered this approach, resulting in several quality leads.

itelligence Netherlands:

With this region, itelligence wanted us to re-engage people who had received a ByDesign package in the post, redirecting them back to a product-specific page. We approached this by working with Sponsored Content on LinkedIn, using Account Based Targeting.

LinkedIn Advert Examples

The Results

With the approaches listed above, we could collect a large number of high quality leads at a minimal cost. Our ongoing optimisations of the account have produced month-on-month improvements to conversion rates and CPA.

Throughout the first 4 months of running the campaigns we saw a:

  • Increase in
    monthly leads

  • Decrease in

These results enabled itelligence to expand their reach to an audience they had defined, making them more visible to their target demographic. This improved awareness of their brand, and helped them reach out to high turnover businesses that will benefit from their services, all at reduced costs.

- Gravytrain PPC Team