Improve Brand Image with Responsive WordPress

Improve Brand Image by up to 61% with Responsive WordPress Design

At Gravytrain we often discuss the importance of sites utilising software such as WordPress to improve user experience via responsive design. In fact, Google’s Think Insights claims that if a user has a positive experience on your mobile website they are 67% more likely to buy a product or use your services.

The Brief

Gravytrain teamed up with retail solutions specialist The LiteBulb Group PLC to implement a mobile friendly, responsive WordPress design that would encourage businesses to use their services.

The Goals

Meeting Gravytrain, LiteBulb’s Chief Operating Officer Leigh Webb said that they required:

  • A responsive WordPress website that would be easily accessible to users across all devices including desktops, mobiles and tablets
  • A design update to bring the company into the 21st century
  • User experience to be improved, ultimately increasing their chances of attaining conversions
  • Information for all of their 26 products to be in-line with their compliance checklist

Our Approach

The LiteBulb Group works with brands such as Universal, Disney and National Geographic as well as retailers including Sainburys’, Debenhams and John Lewis, meaning it was important that the new website reflected their expertise and business offerings in a way that was clear to potential investors.

At the same time, The LiteBulb Group were naturally restricted with what they could advertise on their website by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a factor that had to be take into consideration at every stage of the design.

Gravytrain spoke with key stakeholders at The LiteBulb Group on a regular basis, providing updates and advice as and where necessary. This enabled us to provide optimal results as well as share their vision of how the company would move forward in the future and attract new customers via their site.


Design wise, you can see the difference between the old site and the new site here:

Lite Bulb website

As you can see, the new website is not only cleaner and wider, but also now prominently features LiteBulb’s products, thus improving user flow and the chance of attaining conversions. In addition, each page is now easier to navigate thanks to a new main navigation header that clearly guides users to relevant pages.

We have also included embedded maps in the Contact Us page of the website, thus improving the brand image of the company by displaying their offices around the world:

Litebulb website

The Results

With their new website now in place, The LiteBulb Group are better positioned to expand their business globally, while users can access the website across a myriad of devices. In total, Gravytrain provided:

  • A responsive, full-width WordPress website that improves UX across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • A modern, professional design refresh that focusses on promoting LiteBulb’s key products
  • Easier navigation across the site which optimises user journeys
  • Embedded maps linking to Google – this both promotes LiteBulb’s brand image and ameliorates SEO campaigns
  • Responsive main navigation to enable easy access to relevant pages across the site
  • The ability for The LiteBulb Group to expand their offerings to customers across a range of devices with an optimised brand image, ultimately increasing the chance of conversions

Let’s Talk

I am pleased to say that Gravytrain delivered everything they promised within the required deadlines. Their technical knowledge was extremely impressive along with how much they communicated with our team throughout the project. This means that the final result was exactly what we were after, which is why I would suggest Gravytrain to other companies looking for a new website.

- Leigh Webb, COO The LiteBulb Group PLC

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