87% Improved Site Speed

Optimising legacy Magento modules, extensions and hosting to improve site speed by 87.08% and achieve full PCI Compliance.

Gravytrain has worked with SA Wines for over a year now, during which we have supported a legacy Magento site with numerous 3rd party extensions and modules. As Magento experts, we are able to manage and support a wide range of Magento features as well as hosting application packages, both of which SA Wines required to optimise their website.

The Brief

SA Wines decided to utilise Magento for their eCommerce site due to its popularity and reputation for flexibility and control. However, as time went on they realised that their 3rd party modules were not properly developed and that the site was not performing as desired. Gravytrain was asked to move SA Wines to a new server as well as adapt previously installed Magento modules and extensions to improve the site.

The Goals

To provide our clients the best services possible, Gravytrain has our very own Magento and Amazon Web Services (AWS) specialists in-house. Furthermore, we regularly work with a dedicated team of AWS Account Managers to provide top of the range Magento hosting application packages.

Our ultimate goal for the SA Wines website was to provide a secure, scalable and fast website with optimal user experience. To achieve this we set out to:

  • Migrate the SA Wines website from Nexcess to AWS to improve site speed and security.
  • Reconfigure problematic legacy Magento modules and extensions to improve user experience.
  • Secure full PCI Compliance for the SA Wines website, a task that was not possible on their previous hosting package.

Our Approach

Gravytrain’s Web Services team have spent years working on Magento websites, giving them a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to Magento modules and extensions. Unfortunately, 3rd party modules or extensions can often lead to issues in the long term, however Gravytrain are often able to fix these issues thanks to our years of experience.

In order to install the SA Wines site on a new application hosting platform, it was essential for Gravytrain to perform a complex Magento data migration. Throughout this time we also ensured that the site and the new AWS hosting platform were fully PCI Compliant so that SA Wines could work with a range of merchants whilst adhering to current legislation.


Gravytrain’s hosting application packages utilise the latest and most advanced technology yet at the same time provide a cost effective and secure method for managing our clients’ websites.

For SA Wines, we utilised the following technology with AWS to ensure security, scalability and flexibility at all times:

  • 2x Web servers powered by Nginx
  • 2x PHP 7 servers
  • 2x Database servers running Amazon Aurora
  • 2x Cache Servers powered by Amazon Elasticache & Reddis
  • File Storage with fail-over redundancy
  • Intrusion detection and prevention via TrendMicro.
  • PCI Compliant Setup

Being experts in both AWS and Magento, Gravytrain were able to optimise SA Wines’ hosting capabilities as well as their Magento platform including their modules and extensions. Even though some of the 3rd party Magento applications were proving problematic before, we were able to resolve these issues in-house.

Gravytrain also offers PCI Compliance services to ensure our clients’ sites adhere to legal regulations. In fact, with our AWS application hosting packages we run PCI Compliance tests every two weeks instead of the standard three months, ensuring we are always on top of any vulnerabilities and our clients remain protected.

The Results

Due to previous development by 3rd parties, when SA Wines first came to Gravytrain their site was having issues with both its Magento modules and its site speed. After moving to a new Amazon Web Services hosting application platform, site speeds improved by:

Nexcess AWS Improvement
Home Page 1.161 seconds 150 milliseconds 87.08%
Category Page 1.100 seconds 400 milliseconds 63.64%
Product Page 1.927 seconds 430 milliseconds 77.69%

Along with the SA Wines website now almost double the speed across the board, issues with some of the site’s 3rd party Magento modules have now been resolved, improving user experience and potentially improving sales on the site.

Finally, SA Wines are now also benefitting from regular PCI Compliance scans, ensuring their site is secure and that they can grow their business even further in the future. Gravytrain are happy to say that our relationship with SA Wines is still going strong and that we are continuing to work together to improve their site on a regular basis.

It’s great that the site is now so fast for our customers, and our staff are extremely happy that Magento response times are much quicker! All projects have teething problems, and the experts at Gravytrain have been helpful in trying to resolve these as quickly as possible.

- Angelique MacDonald, SA Wines