Achieving Payment Standard with Speed Optimisation

Our optimisation of legacy Magento modules improved SA Wines site speed performance by over 87%, achieving full PCI compliance.

Gravytrain has worked with SA Wines for over a year now, during which we have supported a legacy Magento site with numerous 3rd party extensions and modules.

The Brief

SA Wines found that their Magento site was underperforming due to third party modules which had not been properly developed, which was having a negative impact on their customers’ experience.

They wanted their site migrated across to a new server and to bring all the different modules in line with each other.

There was also the question of PCI Compliance, something which was not possible on their current server.

Our Solution

We began by overseeing a complex Magento migration, across to a new AWS server which was fully PCI Compliant.

All of the modules and extensions were brought in line with each other, and any issues which did arise from these 3rd party Magento applications were solved in-house.

PCI Compliance tests are run every two weeks, rather than the standard three months, to ensure the site is secure and performing properly.

The Results

SA Wines saw their site speed almost double across the board following their migration.

Any underlying issues with the website have also been resolved, providing a much improved user experience and potentially leading to more sales on the site.


Nexcess AWS Improvement
Home Page 1.161 seconds 150 milliseconds 87.08%
Category Page 1.100 seconds 400 milliseconds 63.64%
Product Page 1.927 seconds 430 milliseconds 77.69%

Along with the SA Wines website now almost double the speed across the board, issues with some of the site’s 3rd party Magento modules have now been resolved, improving user experience and potentially improving sales on the site.

Finally, SA Wines are now also benefitting from regular PCI Compliance scans, ensuring their site is secure and that they can grow their business even further in the future. Gravytrain are happy to say that our relationship with SA Wines is still going strong and that we are continuing to work together to improve their site on a regular basis.

It’s great that the site is now so fast for our customers, and our staff are extremely happy that Magento response times are much quicker! All projects have teething problems, and the experts at Gravytrain have been helpful in trying to resolve these as quickly as possible.

- Angelique MacDonald, SA Wines