Driving a 341% ROAS Improvement In Just 5 Months

Just Personalise were able to increase their reach by analysing audience behaviour and creating highly targeted campaigns


The client wanted to expand their reach, but had a strict ROAS target. When this was attempted in the past, more traffic was achieved – but conversions and revenue did not scale incrementally. Cost per conversion increased, so the ROAS target was not met.


Starting by addressing the structure and settings, making sure all of the relevant aspects were up to date, we ensured the account had the best foundation for success. Utilising tools such as Google’s Smart Bidding to immediately begin working towards the client’s objectives, we were simultaneously able to gather and analyse audience data.

Treating each audience differently, tweaking settings and campaign objectives based on user behaviour, we were able to provide a more relevant user experience – and a more effective, efficient account.


By considering audiences rather than just bidding on keywords, we were able to see the increased monthly spend, click volume, conversions and revenue that the client desired. This was achieved whilst actually improving the ROAS of the account – increasing the viability of the activity.

In just five months, the key success metrics were:

CPA down by 77%

ROAS up by 341%

  • CPA Down

  • ROAS Up