PCI Compliant in 1 Week

Dedicated AWS application hosting packages providing full PCI Compliance, Security, Stability and a Site Speed Improvement of 80% in less than 1 week.

Over the past few years Gravytrain has created a series of new application hosting packages using top of the range technology to provide security, stability and flexibility. Furthermore, our application hosting packages come with PCI Compliance testing to ensure our clients’ websites comply with PCI regulations and provide excellent user experience.

 The Brief

Protein Empire were under pressure to make their Magento website PCI compliant, and wanted to increase their site speed, as the slow page load was affecting user experience.

Our Solution

The first step was to execute a successful site migration across to a powerful AWS (Amazon Web Services) host.
To tackle their PCI Compliance issues, robust tests were run using Qualys, a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), to discover and resolve any problems with the new server or the Magento platform.
These tests continue to be run every two weeks, to ensure that the website continues to perform well and any issues which do arise can be dealt with swiftly.


Protein Empire’s website was made PCI compliant within one week of working with us, and they were now enjoying a secure, speedy and stable application hosting package.
This also had a positive impact on their conversion rates, which grew by almost 40%.

  • Homepage load time improving from 6.99 seconds to 1.98 seconds (71.67%)
  • Server response improving from 750 milliseconds 150 milliseconds (80%)
  • Conversion rate increase of 30-40%, going from 2-3% to 4-5%.

Gravytrain were easy to talk to and got my site up and running on their PCI Compliant server within a week.

I have saved both time and money using Gravytrain and I would highly recommend their team. Professional, friendly and always there when needed.

- William Evans, CEO Protein Empire

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