Sagepay Integration & 15% Increase in Conversions

With extensive SEO and Magento audits, we helped Direct Golf repair longstanding issues, leading to 15% more conversions

Direct Golf are a leading discount golf brand and e-commerce retailer with over 19 UK-based stores.

Founded in 1991 Direct Golf UK has enjoyed massive growth in its 25 successful years of trading. Starting with one small shop in Huddersfield, a philosophy of cutting manufacturers recommended retail prices by up to 70% proved to be very popular with the golfing public and Direct Golf UK quickly gained the reputation for the best prices in the UK.

Their Challenge

Direct Golf’s main issues were poor conversions and declining revenues. They had significant browser-related issues and their previous site migration did not give them the necessary results, leading to a decline in both SEO and organic performance.

Further to that, there were issues with their payment gateway, and with Christmas looming they could not afford to have these issues continue into the busy festive season.

Our Solution

Gravytrain worked hard to identify how these issues had come about with an intensive SEO audit, giving the client a clear vision of their entire website and where it was not performing adequately.

The web development team also performed a Magento audit which identified the backend ecommerce-based issues, what needed to be fixed, and the priority in which they needed to be dealt with.

We optimised the website for mobile to allow customers to purchase via their mobile devices and created a one-step checkout with Sagepay integration. This made the entire customer journey more efficient and fluid, which is something Direct Golf desperately needed.

Their Results

With Gravytrain’s help, Direct Golf saw a 15% increase in conversions and a reduced bounce rate of 26%, meaning not only were more people visiting the site, they stayed their significantly longer. This was in no small part due to the rectified checkout process, which became simpler and more user-friendly.

  • Conversion Increase

  • Bounce Rate Decrease