37% Organic Traffic Increase

Increase Organic Traffic by 37% with a holistic SEO campaign and a Magento/WordPress site build.

Being a fully integrated agency, Gravytrain’s SEO and Web Services Team worked together to propose a new Magento/WordPress hybrid website for Drain Depot that would provide optimal User Experience (UX) and enable the implementation of a successful SEO campaign.

The Brief

Drain Depot came to Gravytrain with an ecommerce website specialising in selling a wide range of drainage products. Previously, the company had taken part in a small amount of SEO, however now they wanted to expand and gain further revenue from their site. Gravytrain’s aim was to not only create an optimal Magento/WordPress hybrid website but also provide more organic traffic to the Drain Depot site.

The Goals

When we first met Drain Depot their main objective was to significantly improve their organic traffic and revenue year on year whilst providing a healthy ROI.

However, once we dug a little deeper into the site we saw that in order to achieve this goal we needed to create a holistic strategy which included both a site rebuild and a subsequent SEO strategy. Whilst production of the new website was underway, our SEO team provided numerous suggestions to ensure that the site was SEO-friendly including a new Information Architecture and technical recommendations.

Our objectives were in three parts:

  • Months 1-2: Perform a full site audit, remove any technical issues and implement SEO recommendations.
  • Months 2-3: Using Big Data, perform keyword research and competitor analysis to create a content strategy that focusses on increasing market share and site visibility.
  • Month 3 onwards: Implement an on and off-site content marketing strategy focussing on creating engaging content for users and Digital PR campaigns.

Our Approach

As Drain Depot already had an online presence, best practice told us to audit and review their site so that we could create a solid foundation and form a strategy that would provide the best chance of success. These audits included:

Technical SEO

Technical audits look into all aspects of a site to make sure they are in-line with Google’s recommendations. During this stage we made certain changes to ensure our campaign would be successful, such as:

Issue Fix
Duplicate Content Canonical Tags
404 Pages 301 Redirects
Parameter URLS Keyword Rich URLs
Internal 302 Redirect Chains 200 Status Links
Duplicate Meta Data Unique Meta Data

Backlink Audit

To ensure the Drain Depot site had a healthy backlink profile, Gravytrain decided to manually review all links and amend or remove as required. Once this process was complete, a content marketing strategy was planned with the aim of earning high quality links, helping Drain Depot improve their Domain Authority and take on the competition.

Keyword Research

Using a variety of tools, an intensive Big Data keyword research campaign was undertaken to analyse and categorise 1000s of keywords. This revealed many new keyword opportunities previously untargeted.

Content Audit

The content audit consisted of mapping the commercial and long tail keywords of current and new website pages. This was implemented in conjunction with researching and integrating topically related subjects.

User Experience (UX) and Navigation Structure

Using the data from the extensive keyword and categorisation research, it was decided to restructure and improve the internal linking and navigational structure. This dramatically improved the user experience and journey throughout the site.


Once the audits on the Drain Depot site had been completed and the new build was live, Gravytrain embarked on an extensive content marketing campaign both on and off-site. This consisted of:


Grouping keywords within each category into each stage of the buying cycle to form different types of content. By providing answers to visitor questions in the below format, Gravytrain created a better user experience whilst targeting longer tail keywords.

  • FAQs
  • Reviews
  • Installation Guides
  • Product Demos


Gravytrain used the industry expertise of Drain Depot’s Managing Director to create insightful guides, suitable for business owners. By combining this unique content with our Digital PR expertise, Gravytrain was able to earn coverage and links from relevant publications including Sustainable Homes and BusinessZone.

The Results

As Gravytrain provided a well-rounded, holistic SEO campaign for Drain Depot, we were able to deliver numerous results. Some of the most prominent successes of the campaign are:

  • All primary high-volume keywords increasing significantly and ranking on the first page of Google.
  • In October 2015, after 6 months of the campaign, year on year organic traffic increased by 37.7%, going from 2,744 to 3,897 visits.
  • In February 2016, after 10 months of the campaign, year on year organic traffic increased by 223.12% going from 2,037 to 6,582 visits.
  • Numerous pieces of content being added to the site, improving UX throughout every stage of the buying journey and bolstering off site Digital PR campaigns.
Drain Depot Case Study - SEO Growth

From this growth Drain Depot received a larger market share, became an authority in their industry and received increasing organic traffic month on month, year on year.

Let’s Talk

I am particularly pleased with the new imagery, the 70 or so information videos and the ease of navigation which we hope will encourage both existing and new customers to visit and purchase from draindepot.co.uk time and time again.

- Simon Trott, Managing Director – Drain Depot

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