Solid Migration Without Losing Traffic or Rankings

With a solid migration plan and alignment of SEO best practices, AE Publications saw a 66% increase in page views & a 10% increase in traffic

The Client

The founder of AE Publications creates, develops and publishes ‘how-to’ material for use within his tuition classes. They are a B2C business with ecommerce functionality, aimed at selling as many books and tuition materials as they can.


The Challenge

AE Publication were updating URL structure, adding new pages and changing site design to improve user experience and traffic to the site.

The main issue for AE Publication was that they wanted smooth migration without losing traffic or rankings as they made these changes. We provided them with a clear plan and helped them understand all the key metrics to measure a site migration. They had a short timeframe in which to achieve this and we were brought in late to save the migration and mitigate any potential loss of traffic.


Our Solution

Few things can destroy a brand’s performance in search results faster than a poorly implemented site migration. If a business doesn’t consider how search engines will react to a site migration it will almost certainly mean the website will take a major hit in organic search traffic. A carefully executed site migration can minimise traffic fluctuations, and we knew we could provide  migration support and a plan to ensure the migration is executed correctly.

1. Detailed migration plan

  • Pre migration checks
  • Post migration checks
  • Timeline

2. Migration support

  • Communicate with the development team changes and best practices
  • Communicate with the development team any issues which could impact the migration
  • Regular calls and check-in’s with all key members

3. Benchmark report

  • To understand the site performance before & after the migration to see how the SEO performance was affected

Gravytrain had a few weeks to complete all the migration checks and inform the external development team of any changes which needed to be completed. Therefore, communication was key, which is why we had regular calls and contact before, during and after the migration. It was important that AE Publications had constant clarity over the project.

We offered our technical SEO services, as we would need to perform lots of technical checks to ensure a smooth site migration. As we were bought in to provide our expertise of the migration process, we also took ownership of the project and managed all parties through the migration.

The Results

  • 10% increase in traffic
  • 5% increase in new users
  • 51% increase in page/session
  • Traffic

  • New Users

  • Page/Session

AE Publication’s website was optimised to SEO best practice and migration was successful with increase in traffic and other user metrics:

  • Avg session duration increased by 30%
  • Dropped the bounce rate by 15%
  • 66% increase in page views
  • Session Duration

  • Bounce Rate

  • Page Views