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From Omniture to Adobe SiteCatalyst in Adobe Marketing Cloud

Omniture is an online web analytics company founded in 1996 in Orem, USA and acquired by Adobe System in 2009.  Since 1996 Omniture developed as a behavioural targeting and web analytics tool.  In 2006 Omniture gained popularity within the digital marketing sector and was one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies.

From the Adobe acquisition, Omniture changed its brand name to Omniture Adobe SiteCatalyst, and then became Adobe Analytics, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud that contains 4 other different tools including:

  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Social
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Media Optimizer

Omniture is a software suite that includes a range of tools which help users to analyse and monitor a website’s traffic as well as social networks stats, user segmentation and campaign optimisation.  Many marketing experts today consider Site Catalyst the main competitor for Google Analytics even though it is generally more useful for those with a certain category of website.

The main features of Omniture are:


Site Catalyst offers a fully modifiable interface complete with real-time or customisable data, whereas in Google Analytics users have a list of widgets that can be added or removed from the interface.

Integration with External Software

Adobe Software helps compare performance of offline campaigns with online ones. Users can upload external databases or integrate data coming from a range of alternative marketing software into their online campaigns.

Click Stream

Catalyst offers the opportunity to analyse click paths, cumulative clicks on a page, and the different kind of funnels that your users can follow to reach conversion pages.  Comparatively, Google Analytics has fewer on-page metrics available, to name a few: time on page, previous page and following page etc.

Compare Reports from Different Sites

Google Analytics can generate a report for one web property or profile at time; whereas with Omniture, users are able to analyse information from a number of sites concurrently.

Customised Metrics

In Adobe Analytics, it is possible to create new variables from scratch as well as flexible reports where you can compare different metrics from distinct websites.  Meanwhile, Google Analytics offers a set of static metrics that you can compare for on just one website at a time.

There are instances where we, many agencies, and businesses prefer Google Analytics to Omniture – often Google Analytics is a more cost effective solution and, as Google is always developing and changing, sometimes Omniture falls short from the industry standards and developments.

If you want to know more about Omniture Adobe Catalyst, or find out which solution may suit your needs, please contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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