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What is a Tag Management System?

Tracking visitors and conversions can get very complicated, especially for huge eCommerce websites that are running various marketing campaigns. One way eCommerce sites can track visitor behaviour and users is by using ‘tags’ which are codes from 3rd party tracking system software providers e.g. affiliate sites and analytics programs etc.

Using tags? Tearing your hair out from all the conflicting data from the tags that are set up on your site? We understand that managing them can be quite tiresome – this is where a Tag Management System comes in.

A tag management system makes life easier by housing all tags from each of the marketing channels and campaigns in a single tag, which can also be managed and maintained from a single application.

Why TagMan?

TagMan is often the preferred solution because it is the global leader in Tag Management Systems and has been proven to be the most popular and most advanced Tag Management and Marketing Data Platform.

The benefits include:

  • Increasing overall accuracy for analytics and data
  • Quick and efficient tool to use as tags can be added during any point of website development from a single platform
  • Flexibility of adding and testing new tags yourself
  • Control of seeing all the tags on the site
  • Improve overall performance of the site

TagMan’s marketing data platform shows data in real-time and clients can really visualise the customer’s buying journey to measure the performance of each of their marketing channels.

Making sure that your company has the latest technology for their Tag Management System will ensure that no opportunities are missed or overlooked when it comes to the user journey and converting customers.

Are you interested in understanding what Tags and Analytics can do for your business? We can help you manage the complexities and ensure that you can efficiently manage your analytics and marketing data in one stream. Call Gravytrain today to see how we can help grow and manage your business!

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