Demand Generation

There’s nothing quite like being in demand but shouting about your brand isn’t always enough to get heard above the noise, facilitate a demand generation strategy that focuses on your goals

Demand Generation Techniques That Look Beyond Quick Conversions Towards Your Long-Term Goals

Allow your target audience to make better, more informed decisions about where your brand fits alongside the competition – as well as its relevance

Demand generation strategies

Demand Generation Strategies

Advertising can sometimes adopt an ad-hoc approach to its output. This means despite carefully targeting your audience, tailoring your ad content, and optimising your bid strategy, you still have to hope it gets seen and clicked on (for the right reasons!).

A finely tuned demand generation strategy works to remove that area of uncertainty while understanding the importance of results. Perhaps you want to understand what pulled new leads to you in the first place. Or, you want to develop materials that will help promote brand loyalty. Whatever your goals, a clear demand generation strategy draws on the strongest skills of marketing and sales – ranking leads, building awareness, and facilitating how your demand gen materials will get found.

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Demand Generation Marketing Tools

Some demand generation marketing tools require more time and monetary investment than others. By understanding each stage of the process, you can leverage solutions that spread the word while staying in budget.

That well-written white paper is a null investment if it’s not promoted in the right ways. Similarly, your newsletters or email materials should be targeted towards a section of your audience to whom they’re relevant and wanted. That’s why we adopt an approach that doesn’t just aid you in choosing the right kinds of demand generation marketing materials – but helps you see how they fit in with the big picture.

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We are all aware of how remarketing can help sales by drawing site visitors back into the conversion funnel. However, it can also drive home demand with targeted advertisements that give audiences something they may have missed before.

Offers, promotional pieces, and informative or aspirational content can all provide that missing link between drawing an individual onsite and demand generation. Understand why your important visitors may have fallen by the wayside, before finetuning that funnel with content that converts.

Drip Campaigns

Like the name, drip campaigns see you nurture relationships with a slow process that helps maintain brand awareness. It gives your customer the chance to build engagement and interest over a period of time defined by you, and can be tailored to your KPIs.

Perhaps an individual opens your newsletter but doesn’t decide to venture onsite. Or, they click on part of your content and spend time on your tailored landing page. We can help you to decide different KPIs that track the success of your drip campaign in a way that drives home demand.

Content Marketing

Take your content offering to the next level with a range of exciting formats such as eBooks, infographics, or white papers. There are many benefits behind engaging with your audience in a way that offers them valuable information, as opposed to simply pushing products.

Once you’ve developed your creative online content, it’s time to introduce it to the world. There are a range of routes that can aid this process – including email marketing, paid advertising, and contacting influencers or organisations.

Demand generation B2B

B2B Demand Generation

Demand generation can be actioned to cement your positioning as a market leader. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or increase your market share, an effective B2B demand generation strategy can offer a lifetime of potential revenue.

It takes experience to keep your demand generation strategy on the professional side of personal. Leverage those leads to their full potential by adopting a targeted, segmented approach to your outbound marketing materials. Furthermore, don’t forget the importance of finding key influencers in your area and understanding what appeals to them. With so many routes to B2B demand generation, we’ll help you get the word out in a way that doesn’t compromise on brand identity.

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