Integrated Marketing

Integrate your marketing and sales promotion strategies in a way that keeps messages consistent and drives home your brand

Keep Your Campaigns Coherent with Strong Replication of Messages Across Multiple Channels

Choose an integrated marketing campaign strategy that emphasises clarity above cleverness. Ensure your brand is travelling in the right direction, by exploring multiple touchpoints through which you can communicate big ideas.

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Brand Activation

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. Brand activation is the first big step towards establishing your brand in the eyes of your audience. By inviting individuals to positively interact with your brand or service experience, it can elicit an emotional response that translates into a lifetime of loyalty.

We’ll help you activate your brand with a multifaceted approach that keeps your audience at the centre. Take your brand from unknown to out there with a successful brand activation strategy designed to keep goals both realistic and obtainable.

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Marketing Activation

Once you’re ready to activate your brand, it’s important not jump in at the deep end. A marketing activation strategy will help you spread the word, while maintaining clarity and consistency in your messaging.

These days it’s far better to tightly tailor your marketing activation campaign than go out there with a bang. That’s why our techniques deep dive into audience segmentation, understanding who would best benefit from learning about your brand. Then, once you’re ready to activate your campaigns, you can choose the suitable platforms and tools to equip you for a coherent run.

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Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing places audience participation at the centre of your brand building. By opening up this line of communication, you can learn about what your key consumers want from your brand. More importantly, you can use their data to understand how best to serve them moving forward.

This takes engagement away from simply being about CTR (click through rate) or a numbers game. Experiential marketing invites audiences to become engaged on a meaningful level – and associate this positively with your brand. An experiential marketing agency will also emphasise the importance of taking these campaigns off the internet, helping your brand develop a tangible, real-world presence and impact.

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Multi-Touchpoint Marketing

Why put all your eggs in one basket? Offer consumers the choice to reach you on their terms by providing multiple touchpoints for your marketing materials. More connection opportunities can lead to greater brand awareness, not to mention an easy, interactive route into your conversion funnel.

This requires joining the dots across different devices, as well as understanding the different ad types available on them all. By focusing on the individual at the heart of your touchpoint marketing, you can send them signals that you’re in business. Clever tracking techniques help keep these campaigns consistent across multiple devices, keeping you alerted to those all-important returns.

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Interactive marketing tools

Interactive Marketing Tools

Let your audience decide what they want to see and when. By leveraging a range of interactive marketing tools, you can foster brand awareness in a way that thinks outside the box.

Perhaps you add a fun, interactive graphic to your website that sees plenty of shares. Or, you utilise dynamic marketing to illustrate the story of your brand. These sorts of interactive tools help you accentuate the experience of your brand, and how it can be of big benefit to your audience. Plus, all those interactions give you more data to make more valuable decisions, such as how to tailor your interactive marketing materials moving forward.

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