Digital Marketing Services

Complete, integrated digital marketing designed to improve your online offering in line with your KPIs, whether they are based on traffic, conversions or revenue

Drive Sales, Increase Traffic & Grow Conversions with Digital Marketing that Keep Your Goals Central

Investing in a thorough discovery allows you to find the most suitable channels or combination of channels to use for maximum success. From SEO & PPC to Paid Social, you will receive advice on key marketing functions, as well as the know-how to execute highly-effective technical campaigns.

SEO services from Gravytrain

SEO Services

Solid SEO practice is a must for anyone serious about becoming more visible on the web. Search engine optimisation aims to increase your website’s ranking via organic methods, lending your content authority and enhancing the visibility of your landing pages.

We do this in several ways. There’s technical SEO, that establishes ways to make your site’s infrastructure friendlier to both users and search engines. Or content-based SEO services, that help you understand how to effectively leverage keywords, so your blogs can bring traffic and find focus. Plus, even your presence off-site can have an impact, with backlink audits that can help you understand why you aren’t being seen. We can explore your whole SEO profile on a granular level, taking the time to pinpoint areas where you may be missing out on easy ranking gains.

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PPC Services

Pay per click (PPC) advertising services offer an intelligent solution to instantly lift brand awareness and generate the conversion actions that matter for your unique business goals. The name says it all: you only pay when a user clicks on your advertising materials. The challenge is identifying the most effective routes of targeting your ideal consumer segments and delivering genuinely appealing content to them, at various touchpoints in the conversion funnel.

There are a wide range of PPC advertising options out there, and Gravytrain will help you navigate this technical landscape. Think shopping campaigns that crow about your products in a context designed for easy browsing. Or, adopt a search campaign strategy that instantly boosts your service to a prominent position for related key terms. With bid strategies, ad content, keywords and search terms all to be defined, there are plenty of ways we can help make your campaign as unique as your business service offering.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having a strong strategy in place to work on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is vital for every business. By understanding various website metrics, you can start to understand how changes impact your overall performance. It allows you to start making informed decisions backed by data rather than flying blind.   

Gravytrain are in a great position to be able to provide this service for our clients; where we will take a focus on the numbers that support your business goals including conversions and interactions throughout the site.   With the use of various methods such as Funnels, Heatmaps and Real User Monitoring we can start to understand your users in detail and begin to put together a roadmap for the future using our experience and expertise around User Experience (UX) and CRO.  

Our testing tools allow us to then adjust the website to try and solve problems that users are facing. We are then able to truly understand if the changes implemented have had a positive impact on your goals. 

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