Bespoke AdTech Services

Optimise your bidding with bespoke ad technology designed in house to help you reach your business targets, from ROI to CPA to brand awareness

Get The Most from Your Ad Spend & Reach Business Goals with Bespoke AdTech Designed In-House

Bespoke ad technology will ensure the best performing keywords are pushed to their full potential, whilst aligning with your specific KPIs, whatever they may be

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Bid Optimisation

Gravytrain’s KPI-focused bidding technology uses historical data to set optimal bids at an account’s most granular level. It is optimised alongside business targets such as CPA (cost per acquisition), ROI or brand awareness.

Running daily, your tailor-made adtech will ensure your account is using the most up-to-date metrics, whilst protecting against overspending on low converting keywords. This means that only the most highly-performing keywords are being pushed to their full potential. This gives your business a competitive advantage, removing the guesswork surrounding which keywords to target.

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Budget Management & Optimisation

This adtech feature tracks and adjusts your campaign budget throughout the month, increasing budgets on days that have a better chance of driving more conversions and vice versa for low performing days.

This is an intuitive process that protects against overspend throughout the month, automatically reallocating your spend to the areas that will offer most success. Fine-tuning your campaign over time allows for better control and minimises the risk of wasting money on keywords that simply won’t perform, and therefore will not encourage conversions.

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Landing Page & Inventory Monitoring

You can optimise your ad spend for the best keywords in the world, but if your customer clicks through to an error page or a product with low-to-nothing stock it will create a negative user experience thereby getting in the way of a potential sale.

Your adtech is able to monitor all live at URLs to check against error pages or low product stock. This means ads will be automatically paused if there is no stock, or if a page 404s. This safeguards you from spending money on clicks when there are persistent site issues. It runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, meaning it picks up on issues even out of general business hours.

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Landing page and inventory marketing

Bespoke Applications

You may not have the in-house technology to trial some of your creative or experimental ideas – but we thrive on them! If you have any specific requirements or innovative ideas you want to trial through PPC, you can bespoke applications built that are tailored to your needs.

You can integrate external data points to impact campaign optimisation, which helps you realise innovative strategies. Or, you can automate monotonous and time-consuming tasks in order to make the most of your valuable time.

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