Bespoke AdTech for Adwords

We create tailored applications designed to enhance performance and efficiency in our clients' Adwords accounts. Want to know more?

​Our exclusive in-house AdTech generates results for our clients previously deemed impossible.

For all its virtues, Programmatic can be expensive and restrictive – especially when using an out-the-box product. Gravytrain’s AdTech Suite – our own marketing platform technology – is an adaptable, cost-effective solution that is exclusively for our clients; where bespoke applications are built for your account as part of our PPC service.

Gravytrain Programmatic Tried and Tested

Tried & Tested

We are always striving to expand and improve our AdTech, by performing tests to ensure the technology is truly optimised. Here are just a handful of the results our AdTech suite has delivered so far:

  • YOY profit increase of £140,000 – a 225% improvement
  • An additional £100,000 revenue through the implementation of one piece of technology
  • 47% YOY improvement in conversion rate through the implementation of a budgeting-based application

Completely Exclusive

We differ from many Programmatic advertising companies, as our marketing tech was developed in-house, exclusively for Gravytrain clients, and each piece of technology is backed up by results driven data. This makes our offering unique amongst our competitors, many of whom rely on very limited, out-the-box solutions.

Each piece of our AdTech suite can be customised to suit the specific needs of your business. We are constantly expanding and improving our offering to ensure we are in a position to address and solve any problem a client presents us with.

Gravytrain's Completely Exclusive Adtech