Paid Social Media Marketing

Maximize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Sponsored Posts and Optimized Audience Targeting - Want to Know More?

Strategy, Content Creation & Advert Management

With 32 million social media accounts in the UK and 2.8 billion worldwide, your target audience is engaging with these platforms on a daily basis. So why isn’t your business?

Specific Demographic Targeting

Social media platforms have began unlocking digital’s full potential by collecting big data, allowing us to target users at the most granular level. For example, you can now target 30 year old newly-wed females, who live in Oxford, like organic food and enjoy running.

But why?

The obvious benefit of this is if your company has a niche target audience, but there is so much more than that. You can now break down your target audience into specific profiles and create adverts & content specifically targeting each demographic.

Platform & Advert Formats

Each social media platform offers different formats to advertisers, from display, video, inMail, to sponsored content & lead ads, it can be hard work knowing which to use or at least test. We will walk you through the decision making process, ensuring we choose the right platforms to connected with your audience, and the ad types best suited to achieve and exceed your goals.

We keep an open mind and let the data make our decisions for us, ensuring you always receive the best return on investment.

Gravytrain Paid Social Adverts
Gravytrain Transparent Reporting

Transparent Reporting

Clear, open and honest communication is key for a successful partnership. With multi-channel approaches, maintaining up-to-date reports is a must. To do this we ensure all tracking is accurate, and base our reports on the individual needs of the client.

We offer weekly or bi-weekly top level reports, and monthly in-depth reports and comparisons. Coupled with our frequent communication via either email or telephone, we ensure everyone is kept in the loop and we are all working together towards our goals.