Google Shopping Management

Hit your ecommerce goals with a conversion-driving Google Shopping campaign, designed to help you achieve ROI and increase your revenue. Whether you are just starting, or need to get the most out of an existing product catalogue, we can devise the solution you need

Google Shopping is a data-driven visual platform, offering you as an ecommerce retailer, placing your products in front of the right consumers. We’ll help you create and manage your Google Shopping real estate with a campaign strategy that aligns with your business objectives. 


Google Shopping campaign

Google Shopping Campaign Management

Google Shopping is Google’s paid ad program, utilising the Google Shopping data feed, Google Merchant Centre and Product Listing Ads.  Google has become the dominating force in paid shopping advertisements and businesses that do not take advantage of these opportunities may miss out on significant revenue.

Google Shopping campaign management from Gravytrain consists of optimising a number of elements. First, we will ensure you have Google Merchant Centre set up and, if applicable, joined with your Magento site (this will automatically pull product data from your website). Then, we will set up your campaign, optimising your shopping feed for specific product attributes, from title and description to category and price. You can be as granular as you like with these attributes, even segmenting high-converting items within their own targeted product group.


Google Shopping Optimisation 

Working with us, you will be able to optimise a number important fundamentals and get help with Google Shopping features. You will be able to optimise:

  • Optimising your shopping feed
    As mentioned above, optimising your shopping feed means ensuring all possible relevant information about your products (known as attributes) are in place. This will mean that your product listing is served in front of customers who search for terms matching your attributes
  • Negative keyword research
    Specifying negative keywords as part of your overall Google Shopping campaign strategy offers you more control over where your listing is presented. For example, if you sell clothing solely for children, you could choose ‘women’s’ as a negative keyword to ensure that someone who searches for ‘red polka dot dress for women’ will not be presented with your children’s red polka dot dress
  • Setting up AdTech to optimise bidding
    We utilise an in-house, bespoke AdTech to optimise bidding for product groups, setting key CPC (cost per click) parameters. This means you never go over your ad spend limit, whilst still being able to make the most of opportunities as they arise
  • Landing page safeguarding
    If a product goes out of stock during an active campaign, landing page safeguarding techniques ensure the listing will not show to potential customers

Google Shopping Strategy 

You are an expert on your business and its products. We are Google Shopping experts. Together, we can create a highly-optimised and effective Google Shopping strategy that works alongside your revenue goals. You can create seasonal or topical campaigns, chop and change elements to work towards your own specific promotional campaigns, and generally enhance your visibility to reach the right people in the right place.

Google Shopping has redefined paid shopping and what it means to both ecommerce businesses and the contemporary consumer. Get on board and make the most of it with a dedicated strategy from a Google Shopping experts.

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