Microsoft Advertising Services

Diversify your ad spend with Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads). Campaigns are highly-targeted and generally cost less per click, helping you reach a wider demographic in order to meet your KPI and revenue goals

You may think Google is the one and only place to advertise online, but Microsoft Advertising has its own unique set of benefits and an ever-growing market shareMultiplying your efforts and diversifying your ad spend can help bring revenue from audiences you may initially have overlooked.

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Bespoke Microsoft Advertising Strategy

The first step to better visibility is through a detailed Microsoft Advertising strategy. When you look into PPC, you need to know you will achieve ROI by targeting audiences on a granular level. Microsoft Advertising has a similar auction style as Google, but businesses often enjoy less competition and a lower CPC (cost per click). This means you will pay less to be seen more, increasing your search impression share and potentially gaining a higher ad rank for less overall ad spend.

Microsoft Advertising can be a truly useful medium for businesses targeting a slightly older demographic. Older generations tend to use their default search engine on Windows desktops, which is Microsoft Advertising so, if this audience is your target demographic, you can see much success by including Microsoft Advertising in your overall PPC strategy.

Microsoft Advertising Partner

Working with a Microsoft Advertising partner gives you scope to achieve more with your ad spend. Not only are you able to harness expert advice from a versatile PPC team, you can diversify your ad strategy thereby capitalising on the work you do with Google Ads and multiplying your opportunities to be visible.

Another benefit of working with Microsoft Advertising partners is being able to harness specialist knowledge of the unique differences between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Your strategy will be bespoke and tailored to each platform you use, ensuring you are gaining the most traction for your campaigns.

Proactive Microsoft Advertising Support

Microsoft Advertising support services are part and parcel of your relationship with us. Your Microsoft Advertising account is proactively managed in order to get the most from every single bid. With deeply-targeted strategies playing to Microsoft’s Advertising strengths, you can find a great deal of success, including higher CTR (click through rate) due to improved ad placements, therefore influencing the speed at which you achieve ROI.

If your business has been utilising Google Ads and you worry about venturing into unknown territory with Microsoft Advertising, you can rest assured that your account and subsequent campaigns are managed by highly-experienced PPC experts whose aim is to help you place your business in front of the right people at the right time. You can reach your business goals – whatever they may be – through a dedicated, highly-targeted and diverse Microsoft Advertising campaign.

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