PPC Remarketing Services

Keep qualified prospects in the conversion funnel with clever remarketing strategies. Serve the right messages to the right audiences at the right time, and turn passive viewers into active buyers

Remarketing is a PPC technique aimed at bringing consumers back into the conversion funnel through intuitively placed ads that target users who have already interacted with your brand in some way. You can remind them of a product they have looked at, encourage a repeat purchase or cross-sell another offering.

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Google Remarketing

Google remarketing helps businesses increase their conversion rates by retargeting key demographics by tracking browser cookies.  It works by placing a piece of code called a pixel or tag to your website, thereby tracking your visitor’s movements across the web. Remarketing ads offer exposure for your business, keeping you connected to your audience even after they leave your website, thereby increasing awareness of products, offers, and your overall brand. Remarketing ads through Google works by familiarising your audience with your product or service, again and again.

One of the benefits of Google remarketing is that it is a trustworthy source, with a display network taking up over 90% of the internet. It also offers greater control as to where your ads are placed; i.e., you can prevent your ads being shown on websites that don’t get conversions.

Dynamic Remarketing

For ecommerce businesses, dynamic remarketing is an excellent way to continue to entice customers with products they may have already engaged with. Taken directly from your product feed, dynamic ads showcase items as clickable elements of the overall ad, bringing the user directly to the corresponding product page.

Dynamic remarketing utilises the remarketing tag to track a visitor’s activities including the products they looked at, items they have previously purchased, and items that are in an abandoned cart.

Dynamic ads bring a whole new level of interaction to your conversion funnel. Your customer has looked at a pair of boots but decided against buying. As they continue to browse, they can be presented with a dynamic ad showing the boots (automatically pulled from your product catalogue thanks to the remarketing tag), enticing them back on-site to make the purchase!

Social Media Remarketing

Social media remarketing works in a similar way to other remarketing techniques but instead of showing ads on websites, they show on social media platforms, further increasing the chances of clicks and conversions. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all offer remarketing ads.

Each platforms offers slightly different remarketing services. For example, Facebook has the ability to pull contacts from many sources (email directories and CRMs for example), so you can create customer lists, which can help you target ads to people in specific areas of your sales funnel.

We will help you define the best platforms through which to remarket your ads when we put together a strategy based on your business goals and targets.

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