Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Increase your website’s visibility in the organic search with a data-driven and ROI-friendly SEO strategy that ties in with your business’ KPIs

Benefit From a KPI-Driven SEO Service to Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic & Conversions

SEO allows you to show up in search results without paying for advertising space. Search Engine Optimisation is the one digital channel, that will – if done right – save you long-term investment and enables you to own space on organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

A sustainable SEO strategy consists of the right combination of SEO measures in the right space and priority. In order to avoid potential pitfalls by blindly investing in one (or all) SEO channels, we have developed an intuitive process. We will present you with a well-balanced SEO strategy that is designed to support your businesses KPIs – whether they are traffic, lead generation, ecommerce conversions or brand awareness.

Technical SEO

You might be able to get a lot more out of your existing website than you think. Technical SEO, compared to ‘On-Page SEO’, addresses all the ranking factors that are hiding behind the scenes, meaning those that are hidden in the code and mostly not visible when looking at a website. 

Once we have a closer look at a website’s technical SEO set-up, we’re often able to uncover missed potential on the technical SEO side. This can be your website’s infrastructure, elements in the code, or duplications.  – who all together can provide the site with an uplift that will result in increased rankings and traffic.

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There are many reasons why a business might need to relocate their website to a new server – maybe you’ve switched hosting, or you’re rebranding and want a fresh domain for your new look? Whatever reason you choose to migrate, you need to know you’ve got everything covered.  

Our SEO professionals have years of experience dealing with a large variety of site migrations while implementing the best SEO practices. 


Site Speed

Website speed has a big impact on SEO and is a important ranking factor. Whether its building a new site with speed in mind or updating the current set up, our SEO team have tried and tested recommendations in hand to increase site speed. At Gravytrain we understand the importance of the performance of your website and how this will affect your online business. 

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International SEO

Our SEO team has experience in setting up websites for all international markets. We can provide the best SEO practices to increase your search visibility outside the UK. We will work closely with your team to understand the overall business goals to enhance the SEO strategy. At Gravytrain we know each market across the world is different and our international SEO strategy is to provide a tailored approach for each country.  


Link Building

Link building refers to all the techniques you can employ away from your website to help it perform better and improve your position in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This can be in the form of establishing high quality inbound links via content marketing, social media activity, guest blogging and influencer marketing. 

Think of every reference to your website in the web as a ‘recommendation’. Search engines are intuitive, and they learn what the world thinks of your website from your off-page SEO techniques, so ensuring your off-page SEO strategy is consistent with your on-page strategy will help give your site more exposure and relevance. This, in turn, will increase your position in Google’s PageRank as well as your rank on SERPs. 


Content Creation and Optimisation

Content SEO, or also ‘SEO Content’ refers to your website’s copy and imagery that’s recognised by the search engines. Your content needs to be relevant to your business as well as adhering to Google’s rules and your audience’s search behaviour.  

Content is one of the most important factors in catching the search engines’ attention and engaging your audience. You can optimise all types of content to be more visible on search engines and using the right keywords can ensure it ends up in front of your demographic. We can help you glean insight into how your content performs, what types of content work better for your audience and KPIs and where it should be positioned. We conduct comprehensive keyword research which shows you how to utilise your resources to create regular, on-brand, interesting content that drives organic traffic. 


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When building a new website or upgrading your existing e-commerce platform to Magento 2, the right SEO focus will not just ensure your website’s performance remains consistent; by  smartly utilising Magento’s SEO features, you can benefit from both, organic improvements and a robust platform for your business.  



When hosting your website with Shopify, the site’s organic visibility can benefit from Shopify’s own smart SEO extensions and plugins. Our tech team will make sure your Shopify site is making use of the platform’s full spectrum of SEO optimisation, is tailored to your specific objectives and supports your KPIs. This way you will get the very best out of your e-commerce platform, helping your business to cover new and more relevant ground.