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User Experience testing is how we learn what users are doing on a website. Tracking everything from where they scroll to missed clicks, UX can help us recommend iterations to a site that adds up to a change in the way users behave.

Gravytrain What is UX

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience, or UX, is the process of ensuring your website is designed using best practices, allowing visitors to interact with it quickly and easily.By optimising the user’s journey at every stage of the conversion funnel, we provide the user with a pleasurable and engaging experience.

Each stage requires a different approach, from the “research” phase where customers want more information on your product, through to the “decision” stage where they want to know about features and pricing.

Why is UX Design important?

Good UX will increase the chances of a customer converting and repeat business, as your website gains a reputation for being fast and easy to use.

We constantly analyse UX for our clients to make sure their customers are kept happy and that the website is as up to date as possible, and will implement any changes necessary to guarantee customers have a great experience and stay ahead of the competition.

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UX for Mobile

UX for Mobile

Mobile has overtaken desktop when it comes to accessing the internet, so it is vital that all websites are fully optimised for mobile use. Text size, image placement and even check-out forms need to be altered to provide optimal UX when using a mobile or tablet.

As well as creating a seamless user journey, UX reveals any technical issues which may be preventing your website from loading or displaying properly on mobile devices. For example; slow page load speeds are a massive issue when browsing mobile sites, particularly if customers only have a 3G connection.