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Ensure your site is performing at full speed with powerful Magento hosting on AWS, enhancing user experience and scaling to your business' needs

Intuitive, Scalable & Speedy Hosting for Magento Ecommerce Websites

Performance-focused Magento hosting ensures your ecommerce site is primed and ready to serve to customers all over the world. To keep this process is as smooth as possible, it’s important to choose hosting packages that are tailored towards your unique site demands.

Magento hosting optimised for speed

Magento Hosting Optimised for Speed

The speed of your website can have a knock-on effect in many areas. As well as possibly preventing pages from loading properly, even a slight slowdown can lead to higher bounce rates, lower engagement, smaller AOV and lost conversions. Additionally, slow speeds can influence important areas further afield, such as site rankings and SEO.

To ensure our client’s Magento web hosting is optimised for super-fast load times, we combine use of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) bleeding edge cloud technology, as well as all the latest web server technology.

Our infrastructure has been developed with Magento ecommerce services in mind; balancing speed, performance, and security into several hosting tiers. Plus, our powerful hosting solutions are perfect to handle varying requirements from both desktop and mobile users.

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Simple Hosting Solutions That Work

Our three distinct hosting tiers are designed to serve the unique technical and ecommerce goals of your Magento store.

Perhaps you are expecting a spike in traffic due to an upcoming promotion, or, want to ensure your website is performing after scaling up to meet new user demands. We can advise you on the best tier for your hosting needs, as well as detailed reporting that will help you decide when you’re ready to move on to the next one. Plus, we can also provide daily backups, helping you avert any issues that may emerge from new site infrastructure or security breaches.

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Bespoke Infrastructure Design

Your hosting infrastructure should cater to the unique demands on your business. Many different variables can affect the demand on your site’s resources, and you need to ensure that your site doesn’t let you down during peak hours or even general use.

We will help you understand how to determine site usage through a specialist assessment of your performance requirements. How many pages you have, how many visitors your website receives, and how many orders or conversions you expect are just some of the routes to determining site capacity. With the custom picture that emerges, we can advise you on how to effectively progress with a bespoke hosting infrastructure that will handle the heat.

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Magento bespoke infrastructure design