Magento Support Services

Support and continual development of your Magento ecommerce site, improving and scaling to meet your KPIs and business objectives

Flexible & Proactive Magento Support for Your Ever-Changing Online Retail Space

With proactive support, your Magento site can reach it’s full potential, aligning with your conversion goals and inspiring increased sales and revenue. Whichever Magento services you use, you will be supported by a full team of Magento-certified developers

Magento Community & Enterprise

Magento Community & Magento Enterprise

Your decision to go with either the Magento Open Source (Community) or Magento Commerce (Enterprise) may depend on several factors. As ever, it depends on the unique demands of your business, and balancing your budget with your performance requirements.

Magento Open Source (Community) does not require a licensing fee to use. This can mean you have the freedom to focus your budget on other areas, such as increasing your marketing output or investing in tailored site design. On the other hand, Magento Commerce (Enterprise) is a great choice for large-scale shopping sites requiring both flexibility and increased performance. Support services will drill down the specific needs of your customer so you can keep developing and offering them the shopping experience.

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Excellent Results Through Continuous Development

The internet doesn’t sit still, and neither should your website. Continuous development through Magento offers you the chance to engage with improvements happening in the ecommerce community right now.

We all know the importance of being on the cusp of innovation, which is why our expert Magento developers, designers, and consultants stay in tune with progressions on the platform. Gone are the days when a site required a whole new design after only a few years. Instead, adopt an approach that evolves as you do, scaling upward as your ecommerce website draws more conversions, traffic, or inventory.

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A Wealth of Knowledge Under One Roof

Gravytrain are in a pretty unique position where we’re able to advise on all things ecommerce, to help you grow your business. We have expert, certified developers who know the best ways to implement new features, and designers who can create the best user experience for your customers.

Combine that with our in-house SEO and PPC teams and you’re on to a winning formula. If you want an agency that can provide solutions for all your digital ecommerce needs, Gravytrain can help.

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Magento support from certified developers