​Bespoke Insurance Systems

With detailed Java knowledge, we can help you gather the best information from your customers, including credit checks, post code look up and CDL integrations.

Quote & Buy Online or Lead Generation

​Java (enterprise level programming language) based bespoke solutions for quote & buy online or lead generation.

Gravytrain PPC

CDL Integration

  • CDL Singlepost integration – full quote & buy online capability where you can manage your rates & risk acceptance criteria in a system separate to your website that normal office staff can use
  • The CDL system integrates with aggregators too saving you the hassle of doing it yourself allowing easy click through to your website
  • Bespoke website – capture required data, show quotes & optional add-ons. fully responsive

Lead Generation (Quotesearcher)

  • Bespoke Website – capture required data, fully responsive
  • Manage Customers Receiving Data – add question filters, acceptance times
  • Custom Web Services – SOAP, REST, standard HTTP requests, (S)FTP file transfers – gets data to customers quicker & more reliably than email (this saved time can make the difference in getting a customer’s business or missing out to a competitor)
Lead generation
Gravytrain PPC Campaign Management

External service integrations

  • Postcode lookup – full or partial address information look up to help end uses fill out forms quicker & easier & provide validation
  • Data enrichment, e.g. credit checks through Call Credit to provide extra customer data
  • Vehicle look up – registration look up & raw data searches
  • Bank account validation, e.g. through Postcode Anywhere – ensure correct data
  • Email address & phone number validation – ensures good quality data, better chances of email delivery & better email sending reputation