Technical Website Insights

Data driven analysis and expertise in all aspects of website development, design and monitoring, to deliver unique insights into potential business opportunities - Interested?

Pinpointing Where to Invest in Your Ecommerce Site

Need some advice on your current website, or looking for your next big opportunity? Our website audits cover everything from WordPress through to Magento, and start at just 1 day.

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Magento & WordPress Code Audits

Not all websites are created equal, even if they’re built with the same system. Our code audits help give you a clear understanding of what can be improved, what is not up to date, and what might cause you problems going forward in terms of security or compatibility with your website.

The audits are split into the following groups:

  • Frontend Code Quality Audit
  • Core Code Audit
  • Module Audit
  • Backend Code Quality Audit

Speed & Performance Audit

Speed and performance is vital when it comes to Ecommerce success; User Experience (UX), and Ecommerce Conversion Rate (ECR) are directly linked.

Most people don’t know how to get a true value of the performance of their website, due to how many factors influence speed. Our Speed & Performance Audit provides you with tangible real world results, as well as recommendations for further improvements. Start making your site quicker today!

Speed and Performance Audit
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Onsite SEO Audit

Many of the free SEO reporting tools on the market are automated, and often provide misinformation or will point you in the wrong direction.

Our team of SEO experts will go through your website manually, and devise a custom strategy to suit your unique needs based on their extensive digital marketing knowledge.