300% Site Speed Increase

Getting the very best performance from an out of date and convoluted Magento & WordPress solution by moving the hosting to our highly optimised AWS infrastructure.

Being a successful fitness equipment specialist, JTX Fitness has grown considerably over the past few years and now offers a wide range of home gym equipment including treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes. Due to their considerable growth, JTX Fitness found themselves struggling with a legacy website that required expert advice and specialist hosting in order to improve.


 The Brief

JTX’s website was suffering from slow page load speeds and frequent periods of down time.
They wanted a faster, more reliable website with the hopes of increasing their conversion rates.

Our Solution

A thorough audit of their website revealed what was causing their problems.
Rather than being built on one platform, the JTX website was a mish-mash of Magento, WordPress and a number of other custom altered modules.
Their whole website was successfully migrated across to a powerful Amazon Web Server (AWS) with minimal downtime, which was far more suited to their complex website structure.


AWS proved to be the right choice for JTX, and despite it being a legacy website, JTX still saw some great results from this campaign.

  • 300% increase in page and server speed
  • No more timeout issues
  • Improved security

We have been so impressed with Gravytrain: their commitment to the project could not be faulted and their knowledge & expertise in hosting Magento websites was clear from the very beginning. We really enjoy working with Gravytrain and can’t wait to launch our new website later this year.

- Rachel Mawson, JTX Fitness Marketing Manager

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