300% Site Speed Increase

Getting the very best performance from an out of date and convoluted Magento & WordPress solution by moving the hosting to our highly optimised AWS infrastructure.

Expert Magento and WordPress site migration, providing site speed increase of over 300%

Being a successful fitness equipment specialist, JTX Fitness has grown considerably over the past few years and now offers a wide range of home gym equipment including treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes. Due to their considerable growth, JTX Fitness found themselves struggling with a legacy website that required expert advice and specialist hosting in order to improve.

The Brief

When it came to their original web build JTX Fitness decided to utilise Magento and WordPress, however over the years the site became convoluted with altered modules and extensions, leading to both user experience (UX) and hosting issues. Having spent years working with Magento sites, Gravytrain stepped in with the suggestion of migrating the site to Amazon Web Server (AWS) in order to minimise issues such as downtime and slow page load speeds.

The Goals

In terms of web builds, the JTX Fitness site is quite complex, as not only does it include WordPress and Magento platforms but also numerous ad-hoc extensions and modules that have been altered in a way that makes them difficult to manage.

Reliability therefore became an issue for JTX Fitness, especially when it came to hosting. They noticed that page load speeds were extremely slow and the site regularly experienced downtime.

Gravytrain’s goals were therefore:

  • Perform a full audit of the JTX Fitness website including WordPress assets and Magento modules and extensions.
  • Migrate the JTX Fitness website to a new Amazon Web Server (AWS) hosting application.
  • Improve site speed and security both in terms of users and the client.

Our Approach

Migrating a website requires a detailed and methodical approach, especially when your client requires little to no down time in the process. By auditing the JTX Fitness website in the first instance, we were able to pick apart how it worked and what applications were needed to ensure that each module and extension remained functional.

When it comes to hosting Magento websites, Gravytrain always aims to ensure that our clients receive the most advanced technology as well as solutions that fits their businesses’ needs. This is why we chose to host the JTX Fitness site using AWS as it provides both flexibility and market-leading technology.


JTX Fitness’ new AWS server cluster includes numerous applications to ensure the site runs optimally at all times. Some of the technology included are:

  • EC2 high power PHP Instance
  • NGINX Web Server
  • Elasticache
  • AWS Aurora High Powered Database Server
  • Route 53 DNS

One of JTX Fitness’ biggest issues with their previous hosting provider was that the site would timeout on a regular basis due to its numerous altered modules and extensions, however with an AWS hosting application we were able to negate this issue completely.

Furthermore, by moving to a new server we aimed to considerably improve site speed and therefore encourage higher conversion rates. All of this was achieved with the legacy web build still in place and minimal downtime occurring during the switch.

The Results

Due to the complexity of their website, JTX Fitness had previously struggled to find a suitable hosting application package that could support their site, provide optimal page speeds and ensure zero downtime.

By using our expertise, Gravytrain were able to migrate the site to a new AWS server and provide excellent results even with a legacy website.

In terms of statistics, we delivered:

  • Page and server speed increasing by 300%
  • Timeout issues becoming a thing of the past, with the site now completely stable.
  • Greater security and flexibility – JTX Fitness can now adapt their website without concern over hosting issues.

To prepare the company for the future, Gravytrain are currently in the process of creating a new Magento/WordPress hybrid site for JTX Fitness. This site will be built with best practice Magento and WordPress methodologies in mind, ultimately providing a best-in-class website that will help the company grow and enable users to purchase their products online quickly, easily and safely.

Let’s Talk

We have been so impressed with Gravytrain: their commitment to the project could not be faulted and their knowledge & expertise in hosting Magento websites was clear from the very beginning. We really enjoy working with Gravytrain and can’t wait to launch our new website later this year.

- Rachel Mawson, JTX Fitness Marketing Manager

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