69% Increase in New Users & 41% More Conversions

Within just six months, CharityJob were able to see an increase to KPIs that was a 100% YoY improvement – find out how we helped them achieve this with a dedicated PPC strategy

CharityJob is the UK’s largest job board for charities and the third sector. From full-time positions to charity courses and volunteer opportunities, CharityJob is a hub for third sector professionals to find their ideal career.

CharityJob operate on a B2C basis for candidates looking for work in the charity sector in all levels, locations and functions. They also work on a B2B basis for recruiters, advertising for recruiters to post jobs on-site which is how they generate revenue.

For B2C, a conversion is such when a lead is generated by a candidate applying for a job. For their B2B model, a purchase of advertising space counts as a conversion.


CharityJob’s Challenge

The main aim for CharityJob is getting candidates to visit the website by serving them relevant ads and landing pages based on what they have searched for, encouraging them to apply for a job. Moreover, reaching recruiters in a tangible way so that they will sign up to post their job ad.

CharityJob’s initial challenge was that they were not driving enough candidates to the website or getting them to apply for jobs, which resulted in low conversion volumes. Recently, Gravytrain started looking at improving their ROI from recruiters by improving their B2B offering.

Our Solution

  • We worked to identify quick wins which were centred on improving account efficiency
  • Gravytrain utilised PPC and our bespoke AdTech, which targeted a CPA bidding script and landing page safeguarding script. This runs hourly and stops adverts appearing then there are no jobs live on the site
  • We also ensured conversion tracking was accurately configured to reflect website goals
  • Further to this, we introduced new campaigns targeting specific job roles and cities to capitalise on large search volumes and lower average CPCs

The first three months were focused on actions that could quickly raise applications and therefore conversion volumes. The last three to six months have been focused on restructuring the account as part of a long-term strategic project that will set up the account for efficient management and long-term growth.

We have also advanced our bidding strategy (via AdTech) over the 6 months and are now also using position-based bidding scripts to protect their brand, in response to the competitive landscape becoming more aggressive.


The Results

  • Conversions volumes are up YoY

Increase in conversion volumes
  • Clicks and impressions tell us that CharityJob are now reaching more candidates via PPC

Increase in new users

Before working with us, CharityJob were not sold on PPC as a viable marketing channel. However, with a revised strategy and more clarity from us, they realised that they were not utilising it to its full potential.

The impact our work had on the business included doubling website traffic from paid search, and increased revenue.

  • Increase in Conversion Volumes

  • Increase in Website Users

  • Increase in New Website Users

“Working together with Gravytrain has produced great results and we are extremely happy with the hard work that the team has taken. They are very easy to work with and communicative. Together, we have devised a restructure to our PPC account, which has resulted in an increase to main KPIs over 100% YoY in only six months! We foresee our best year as of yet in the PPC front.”Inês Graça | Digital Acquisition Specialist